Alys Beach With The Girls

I spent last weekend at the coast with some of my best gals and good golly was it good for the soul.  We vegged out on the beach, traded a million stories, some of which are nearly 20 years old, laughed, ate, drank, and then did it all over again.  It was absolute perfection and came at the right time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my little world, no ma’am.  But dang if it hasn’t been a crazy few months around here between launching this little blog, Stone’s summer schedule, family commitments, and my day job – which at 60 hours a week is more like a job and a half.  So needless to say a weekend away with few responsibilities was exactly what the doctor ordered.

This was my first trip to ALYS BEACH and it didn’t disappoint.  Obviously I’m a fan girl for the color white and this place was white paradise.  Every single building is painted a crisp bright white, the planters, some massive, all white (or gray, which works too) and filled with expertly manicured tropical greens.  Even the sidewalks are made from crushed white shells.  It was perfection.  Someone even managed to cover the beach with the most pristine silky white sand my feet have ever touched.  Ok, so maybe that last part is just a natural blessing.

This place isn’t just for a girl’s trip either, it’s the ultimate family vacation spot and I can’t wait to return with my guys.  We’ll spend the day crusing around on bikes, eating more ice cream than we should, and jumping the waves.  Oh, and relaxing in one of the top notch RENTALS available.  Until next time Alys…

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