From pool to party

Summer is a rockin’ which means summer party invites are a knockin’ at the door.  And down here in the South those parties almost always cluster around a pool, beach, lake, or hell maybe even a fire hydrant this summer it’s been so hot.  Ok, probably not the later, but really anything to cool us down and keep us from drowning in our own sweat will suffice.  So with that in mind I put this look together.

This is not a parade, No Ma’am

I don’t know about you ladies, but this mama in her mid 30’s isn’t looking to parade around the party in my swimwear all day.  On the other hand, I don’t want to be too up covered and prudish.  So I created something I can easily transition from the H2O to the cocktail patio with ease.  Did I mention the “top” is actually my swimsuit?  Oh yes, keeping it simple is key.  Throw in a summery maxi skirt, a belt, and some fun jewels and voila.  Let’s get the P A R T Y started.

If you’re looking for some fun bags to tote your sunscreen and vino check out THIS THIS and THIS one.  You can snag a similar cork clutch on sale HERE.

And don’t forget the sunnies.  They stay on top of my head long after the lighting bugs come out, helping tame that wicked, humidity infused hair.

My exact pieces are no longer available but I’ve put together 4 fool proofs looks below.



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