I secretly want to be a zebra. That’s why I always wear stripes.

If you want to know my opinion, stripes are a year round winner.  However, Summer is their time to shine.  Tees, dresses, beach towels, hats, and more.  I say YES {please} to all of it.  They’re fun and easy to wear since they pair with just about anything.  Some folks say the horizontal variety make you look… well, horizontal (w i d e).  I disagree.  The secret to stripes is all about finding the right cut and making sure the fabric hangs or sits well and isn’t too snug.  Below are two totally different looks to help make my case.  One is fitted and unforgiving.  The other is so totally opposite of being fitted I could almost hide a small child under it.  (I’m not, FYI)  The point is you can and should rock them, no matter your shape or size.  So go get you some stripes, friends.  And if you already have some go get a few more, because you can’t have too much of this good thing.

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