Let’s Go Glamping


I‘m writing this post while taking a huge sigh of relief as Hurricane Irma is finally just about out of our lives.  This past week has been a roller coaster for all of us who live on the East coast or have loved ones here.  Florida is Justin’s and my home state and most of our friends and family still live there.  It was a helpless feeling not being able to do much for them before and during the storm.  Thankfully all our friends and loved ones are safe.  Some have damage to their homes but at least all of them have homes to go back to.

My heart breaks for those in the Carribean who have lost everything.  My blogger friend, Charlie, lived on Virgin Gorda when the storm hit.  If you visit her site you’ll see it was a gorgeous sleepy little island of about 4000 people where several celebrities have their vacation homes.  I knew from watching the news the island was destroyed and was obviously worried for her safety.  It was 5 days after the storm before anyone heard from her and when we did her message was heartbreaking, “Devastated and being shipped out”.  I assume she lost her home and I’m not sure where she is now.  Just thankful she’s alive.

I can’t lie, it’s kind of hard to put my “all” into a fashion post with what’s going on in our backyard.  As I was getting my thoughts together to write this post I reminded myself the reason I started this site was to focus on the beauty in life, the joy.  This space is meant to be a place to disengage from the chaos of our mainstream lives.  So with that I’m going to say a little prayer Mother Nature doesn’t have any more surprises up her sleeve and chat up a much lighter subject – Fall.

Now I consider myself to be an “outdoorsy” kind of gal.  However, I’m not sure others view me the same way so maybe my self image is a little off.  Regardless, I love when the weather cools down and I can bring out my flannel shirts and boots, and spent some traipsing around through fallen leaves.  Because I’m “outdoorsy” I went through a camping phase.  No, I didn’t actually GO camping, but merely suggested it to Justin.  “It could be a little family adventure, right?  Disconnect from the world and be one with nature” I proposed.  After he gave me the up and down as if I’d grown another head he simply said, “We aren’t campers.”  I was prepared for this so I quickly said, “Then what about GLAMPING?”  “Define glamping” he said.  “You know, like staying in Yurts and stuff” I replied.  After a long silence he finally asked if I was feeling O.K.

Needless to say we never ended up CAMPING or GLAMPING but I’m still attached to the YURT idea so if you have any suggestions on where one can Yurt send em on over.  In the meantime I’ll be sporting this outdoorsy rig for our fall family hikes and nights around the fire pit.  No camping or glamping required.

THIS shirt is currently on sale and THESE rain/show boots are my go-to when I don’t want to break out the WELLIES.  Last but not least THIS backpack is already an all-time favorite for me.  I absolutely love the canvas on leather and it has a side zipper for easy access.  I use it in place of a purse for some of Stone’s sporting events or casual errands.

Have a good one friends, stay safe!



Photos provided courtesy of Viva Lux Photography 

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