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The holidays are here, friends.  Yes they are.  This is just the BEST time of year and this year I’m determined to enjoy every minute and not the the chaos overwhelm me.  I know, easier said than done.  But I have a battle plan, which I’ll share in a bit.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my comment about running like a crazy person with my day job.  The end of the year is the busiest time for me.  For those who are just landing here on DW, I’m a medical device rep by day.  DW is a (relatively) new creative outlet for me and one I absolutely love.  It’s the perfect balance to my day job, allowing me a chance to tap into the left side of my brain and share some of the things from my personal life I’m passionate about.  But like any hobby it takes a good deal of time to do it right.  That’s been my struggle as we’ve rounded the corner into Fall, keeping up with the Blog.  The end of the year is a crazy time at work.  Lots of people put off elective surgery until the holidays which increases the demand on everyone related to their procedure, all the way down to me.  Add in the fact hospitals are trying to maximize their budget and spend every last dollar allocated to them and medical companies are trying to position their products for the next year and well, it’s a little hectic.  Maybe more than a little.

Since we’re ALL running around crazy at the holidays I thought I’d share some of the things I’m going to do a little differently this year to help keep everything in check.

  • Get the Christmas tree early – We’re getting ours BEFORE Thanksgiving.  We probably won’t decorate it until the days after T-giving but at least it will be up in the stand.  Let’s be honest, that’s half the battle anyways.

  • Make extras and freeze.  We host both Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house.  Anything I make for Thanksgiving which can be frozen for a month will be.

  • Turn off the phone, the TV, computer, etc.  I know, this one is a little scary but trust me here.  We don’t realize just how much all our devices keep us from being fully engaged.  Even if just for a few hours each weekend, give all the electronics a break and put on some holiday music.  Maybe even pour a glass of wine (or two).  I love to settle in by the fire with a few home decor mags.

  • Keep a “running list”.  Justin and I keep a shared electronic running list of things we need; laundry detergent, dog food, etc.  When one of us is able to swing by and pick something up it comes off the list.  This simple habit saves time and keeps us from having to run to the store for last minute things forgotten.

Photos courtesy of Viva Lux Photography 

I’m also changing up my DW posts a bit.  As I mentioned, I’m having a hard time keeping up with posting the looks I shoot.  I want to make sure the brands I partner with are getting the love they deserve on my site in time for the Holidays.  I also want you to be able to shop my looks before they sell out. (Like what happened with the jacket I’m wearing in this post.  Don’t worry, I linked some great alternatives HERE, HERE, and HERE)  So keep an eye out for next week’s blog post, you’re gonna see a new look.

In the meantime enjoy this calm before the Holiday storm.  It’s a gray Fall day here, I’ve got the crockpot going, and couldn’t be happier to be nestled in with my guys.



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