Summer should get a speeding ticket



Well friends, school is back in (can I please get a collective Hallelujah) which means Summer is coming to a close.  We have a couple weekend trips on the docket before the season is “officially” over and as I’m typing this I’m also making grocery lists and packing for the lake.  Hello, multitasking.   My in-laws are flying in Wednesday and we’re caravanning to Lake Blue Ridge Thursday morning for a long weekend of R and R, boating, smores, paddle boarding, and fishing.  Speaking of, everyone please keep their fingers crossed for my Father in law.  Hopefully this is the year he nets “the big one” because the last three years have ended in complete and utter disappointment.  I’m not sure I can stand the sad sight of him pacing the dock from dawn to dusk, fishing rod in hand, seething with frustration.  Of course it makes for great family fodder but I’d really like to see the old man show those fish who’s boss this year.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my recent announcement, I was accepted into the RewardStyle Program!  I’m so excited and honored to join RStyle within my first month of launching DriftingWhites.  I’d heard stories of bloggers applying multiple times and the process taking up to a year so needless say I’m thrilled, not to mention a little proud.  Is it OK for a shameless  #humblebrag??  This is great news for you too, friends.  Now you can shop my Instagram or Pinterest photos simply by “liking” them or with a screenshot.  Just download the app from the App Store.

Side note about Pinterest – I do have a DriftingWhites account and I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve pinned exactly 2 pics.  This is one area I’m going to try to get better in.  I rely heavily on Instagram (probably too much) being my main social media platform.  I’m going to start pinning my IG pictures to Pinterest so if you’re a current Pinterester feel free to follow my page.  (I think my current follower count is at 1, LOL!)

Cheers to a good week, friends!

Photos courtesy of Viva Lux Photography 


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