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Well friends, it seems every time I do a post these days it’s centered around a significant life event.  Fortunately they’ve all been good ones!  So here goes another.  As some of you know I’ve spent nearly the entirety of my career in Medical Sales.  For the past 7 years I’ve been in the Medical Device space selling products used in surgery to hospitals and working alongside the surgeons who use them.  Coming out of college (some many years ago) that was my career goal.  The Med Device space was a challenging, male dominated, lucrative, and growing field.  Everything about it excited me and I wanted to be one of the few females able to earn their way in.  Happily, I did and it’s been incredibly rewarding.  However, due to a number of factors the industry has changed.  It’s no longer growing but now in a state of contraction.  There are fewer Device Reps pounding the streets, they cover larger territories and often for less financial reward.  With the shift has come fewer management positions and opportunity for upward mobility is bleak.  These were the driving factors that lead Justin (my better half) to leave the Med Device industry two and a half years ago.  We both saw the writing on the wall.  He had an opportunity to get out and took it, making the leap to one of the largest software companies in the world which happens to have a hub in Atlanta.  The grit and knife-fighter mentality required to make it in the highly competitive Med Device world serves him well in the Software Sales space.  Turns out it was the best move he could have made for his career.

You may have already guessed where I’m going with this… and you’re probably right.  After a year of consideration I decided to follow his lead and join him, literally.  Tomorrow morning we’ll be under the same roof as I begin my career at the company he works for.  I couldn’t be more excited and proud.  Obviously I’m not making this move because of him but because it’s the best thing for my career.  However, my husband is my best friend, mentor, and partner in crime.  Getting to see (a lot) more of him is just the icing on the cake.  We started talking seriously about the idea of me making the leap back in the Fall.  Right around Thanksgiving I had my first interview and received the offer just after New Years.  It was a crazy Holiday season.  Did I mention we got a puppy and I had some minor heart surgery during that same time.  Holy smokes!  If I’ve seemed MIA lately now you know why.

When I started DriftingWhites I was restless in my job and knew I’d be ready to cut ties at some point.  I initially thought maybe I’d retire from a traditional career and put my all into Blogging/Designing but something unexpected happened.  Having DW actually made me more appreciative of my day job.  I finally had an outlet to express myself creatively and realized by not having had that before it had made me resentful towards my job.  I didn’t want to walk away from a career I’d worked so hard for.  I’ve had a job since I was 15 years old, long before I actually needed one.  I enjoy working, it’s part of what makes me tick.  So while I discovered I didn’t want to “retire” per se I also didn’t want to keep working my current gig with essentially zero long term upward mobility and security.

I‘m not going to gush on obnoxiously about how happy I am.  This blog really isn’t supposed to be about ME anyways.  But it’s hard to have a public forum and not share the most basic of aspects of my life.  There’s just been a lot to share lately!  One thing I’m super excited for is being able to come out of hiding with DriftingWhites.  In my *past* life I didn’t dare breathe a WORD about my little side hobby to ANYONE I worked with.  Having a creative interest in fashion/home decor/blogging is not the kind of thing looked favorably upon in the Med Device world.  Quite the contrary, DW and myself would have both been heavily scrutinized and the resulting implication would have been I wasn’t serious enough about my day job.  On the flip side, most of the folks I’ll be working with in my new role already know about DW.  They fall into one of two buckets; either they think it’s great or they don’t give a hoot what I do in my free time.  Now isn’t that refreshing?

I’m unsure but excited to see how the fashion aspect of DW will evolve.  You can probably expect to see a few more work-minded outfits in the mix since I’m no longer rocking the scrubs M – F.  (Ain’t gonna miss those either!)  So stay tuned because if there’s one constant around here it’s change!

Well friends, I’ve got a big FIRST DAY tomorrow so Mama needs to get some shut eye.  Thanks for reading my little update and for all your support on DW.  You all are just the best!  And a HUGE thank you to Deborah Browne Photography for yet another amazing family photo session!

All Photos courtesy of Deborah Browne Photography



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